When I was a young boy my mother was sick for many years. Most of my childhood was spent by her hospital bedside. Often, I was asked to step outside of the room so the doctors could talk to my parents alone. I would wander the hospital halls filled with portrait paintings of doctors. These paintings were masterfully done and were of doctors who dedicated their lives to finding cures for diseases and saving lives. These paintings gave me hope knowing there were people in this world finding cures for diseases and maybe someone was out there finding a cure for my mom. Today I feel honored and grateful that several of my portrait paintings now hang in the same hospital.

My focus is art that celebrates people that change our lives for the better, forever!

While working in the illustration and design field for over two decades, I painted and studied with several master painters, while showing in galleries. Several of my portraits are part of the permanent collection at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Winning many awards for painting and illustration work, several paintings have been displayed at The De Cordova Art Museum in Lincoln, MA, The Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA and The Museum Villa Gamberaia, Florence, Italy.

My art grows organically out of who I am. I feel very, very lucky to be able to live by doing what I love. For me, living is giving. A gift of translating beauty was given to me and I like to pass it on to others. I can’t imagine a finer existence than enlarging lives through art. My late grandmother always said, “Working with my hands makes me excited about waking up the next day.” This is what I do with my brush.

– Frank Interrante